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Northbound expands its always good-looking family of flavors for Waves Of Whey

Northbound Strawberry Cream Puff Waves Of Whey

Northbound Nutrition isn’t as frequently in the news and headlines here at Stack3d as much as other competitors in the industry, but when it is, it brings in a good amount of attention with its attractive marketing. Northbound has one of your more colorful-looking lineups, and it also easily catches your eye with its mouthwatering flavor callouts, especially the chocolate lover’s Chocolate Freak Shake Waves Of Whey.

Northbound Nutrition has just added another flavor to its Waves Of Whey protein powder to go alongside all of its several other tasty options in the likes of Mini Marshmallows, Apple Fritter, and Lemon Sugar Cookie. The latest from the brand fits right in with the rest of the menu in a sweet and smooth strawberry-based taste, Strawberry Cream Puff, available now from Northbound’s website at $35.99 for a small 1.35lb tub.