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Latest Rule One teaser looks to be some sort of protein-based supplement

Rule One Gainer Teaser

Legacy brand and protein specialist Rule One has dropped a teaser image for what it describes as “something big” and that is all we’re left with for the moment. All we can obviously do for now is speculate, and we do have some ideas, as the picture the brand has shared does show us something, and it can be connected through to that handful of words.

Rule One’s upcoming “something big” can be seen in its teaser image, or at least its silhouette can, and it is very clearly a larger supplement, put into a standard 5lb jug. That leaves us suspecting some sort of protein-based product, whether that be a protein powder, which Rule One has plenty of, a nutritious meal replacement, or a calorie-dense mass gainer.

Rule One doesn’t tend to spend much time between teasers and reveals, so don’t be surprised if we find out exactly what it has coming down the pipeline soon; either way, we’ll share more information as soon as we have it.

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