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Newcomer Secret Society reveals its better all-around pre-workout Go Mode

Secret Society Supplements Go Mode Pre Workout

Stryve Supplements recently renamed and rebranded its moderate and still very young selection of sports nutrition products, taking on the new title of Secret Society Supplements. The growing brand is now getting ready to launch its first completely new product, which will be in the same category as two of its original releases, Pre-Workout and Nitric Surge.

Secret Society Supplements’ first drop since its debut is Go Mode Pre-Workout, and it features many of the same ingredients and dosages as its first comprehensive competitor in the category simply named Pre-Workout. Go Mode is a more premium product, combining a variety of ingredients to support all of the core benefits, like the already available Pre-Workout, but with a broader formula, and it costs a bit more.

You can see the facts panel for Secret Society Supplements’ Go Mode Pre-Workout in the image below, and again, fans will see a lot of similarities between this and Pre-Workout. They share all of the same heavily dosed ingredients, including 7g of pure citrulline for pumps, 2.5g each of beta-alanine and betaine, half a gram of alpha-GPC for focus, and a gram each of agmatine, taurine, and tyrosine.

Secret Society Supplements Go Mode Label

What separates Go Mode Pre-Workout is you get 290mg of caffeine from caffeine anhydrous and ZumXR delayed-release caffeine, not 300mg all from anhydrous. You also get two components that are not in Secret Society Supplements’ Pre-Workout, both to further enhance muscle pumps in 250mg of VasoDrive and 50mg of the S7 blend, and the one other key difference, 100mg of pink Himalayan salt to support hydration.

It’s pretty interesting to see so much in common between Go Mode and Pre-Workout; as mentioned, it’s essentially the same supplement but with more sustained energy, better pumps, and added hydration. Another interesting point is while Go Mode Pre-Workout is going to be more expensive at $49.99 a tub when it arrives this Wednesday, it also has 50% more servings at 30 full versus Pre-Workout’s 40 regular and 20 full.