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GAAM shows support for the LGBTQI community in a special edition flavor

Sour Raspberry Twist Gaam Bcaa

Swedish retailer Proteinbolaget is showing support for the LGBTQI community in line with its country’s annual Stockholm Pride event by bringing awareness and donating to the fundraising foundation RFSL. The sports nutrition retailer has put together a special edition flavor under its house brand GAAM Nutrition, for two separate supplements, both of which are aminos.

The flavor now available from GAAM Nutrition but only for a limited time is the candy-themed Sour Raspberry Twist, and it is available for GAAM EAA and GAAM BCAA. Where the donation comes in is for every bottle of Sour Raspberry Twist GAAM EAA and GAAM BCAA sold, the brand will donate 10 kr, which is about a dollar USD, and it’s discounting those products for fans.

Through Proteinbolaget’s online store, you can currently purchase Sour Raspberry Twist GAAM EAA and GAAM BCAA at 199 kr (19.66 USD) for a tub of 30 servings, and that is down from the supplements’ usual 249 kr.

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