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Maxx Chewning’s latest collab is Strawbango Margarita for Ghost Legend, Pump and Energy

Strawbango Margarita Ghost Energy

A few days ago, it was confirmed that Ghost’s fifth collaboration with its premier ambassador, fitness influencer Maxx Chewning, would be an all-new flavor for three separate supplements. Like last year, the newest Maxx Chewning flavor would be put together for the stackable pre-workouts Ghost Legend and Ghost Pump, and the sports nutrition brand’s hugely popular Ghost Energy drink.

Maxx Chewning has come out and announced what exactly his fifth collaboration with Ghost is going to be, and it is indeed an entirely new flavor with a deliciously refreshing Strawbango Margarita. Again, the taste will launch for three separate Ghost supplements in Legend, Pump, and Energy. We’ve also got a firm date for when they’ll all be available, and the good news is, it’s not far away.

Ghost and Maxx Chewning’s Strawbango Margarita Ghost Legend, Ghost Pump, and Ghost Energy will be making their debut right on Maxx’s birthday, which is about a week and a half away on Friday, the 9th of next month. From what we understand, you’ll be able to get the collaborations through Ghost’s online store, and the beverage is going to be available from The Vitamin Shoppe.