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Tom Brady’s second TB12 protein powder is as lean as it gets with no carbs or fat

Tb12 Native Whey Protein

Tom Brady’s sports nutrition brand TB12 already had a protein powder on the market — it was one of its earlier supplements — with the vegan-friendly Plant-Based Protein. It is not the typical dairy-based product, although that is what the brand has dropped this week, introducing TB12 Native Whey Protein, which gets all of its protein from premium, high-quality native whey isolate, as per the name.

For those that haven’t come across it before, the difference with native whey protein is it’s whey extracted directly from milk, as opposed to cheese, like regular whey, resulting in a cleaner, premium, higher concentrated source of protein. That is what Tom Brady and TB12 have put in their second protein powder, with a solid 20g of protein per serving and no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat, giving you a calorie count that’s as lean as you can get at 80.

The high-quality source of protein in TB12’s Native Whey Protein does give it a price point a bit above the brand’s previously released Plant-Based Protein, coming in at $60 versus $55, and it is only available unflavored. That value is a little bit further apart when you base it on price per gram of protein, as both supplements have 30 servings, but Plant-Based has 20% more protein in each at 24g.