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USN’s PhedraCut family adds a nighttime option that costs less than $10

Usn Phedracut Xt Night

PhedraCut is the name USN uses for its fat-burning supplements in its home country of South Africa with items like PhedraCut Lipo XT, PhedraCut Water X, and PhedraCut Slim Packs. Joining those products this month is PhedraCut XT Night, another weight loss formula for the PhedraCut family and designed specifically for use before you go to bed.

USN’s PhedraCut XT Night is stimulant free, of course, although we don’t know every ingredient that’s in it, unfortunately, as the brand hasn’t listed the facts panel on its website. Some of the benefits USN promotes for the supplement include enhanced metabolism, reduced cravings, and overall weight loss support, although there is no mention of anything to improve sleep, as we’ve seen in many other nighttime fat burners.

While USN doesn’t share the complete list of ingredients in PhedraCut XT Night on its website, you can purchase it through there at the incredibly low price of R130 (7.90 USD). Based on that, and the fact that it has a single capsule serving, we can’t imagine there being too much in the product, either way, it’s USN’s latest PhedraCut supplement and available now.