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Watermelon rolls out for Clean Drink’s flagship BCAA-infused energy drink

Watermelon Clean Drink

Functional beverage brand Clean Drink out of Sweden has a new flavor this week, now available in its home country, further extending its already massive menu. We’ve been following Clean Drink for some time now, and it has done a great job at keeping things fun and interesting with additional flavor experiences, introducing several tastes over the years, including intriguing options like Blackcurrant Raspberry and Apple Pear.

The latest creation from the company is a little simpler than those flavors above, with Clean Drink bringing Watermelon to its ever-expanding lineup. The extension is for the brand’s signature beverage, combining 2.5g of BCAAs, vitamins, minerals, and 180mg of caffeine. As mentioned, the new Watermelon Clean Drink is already out and available in Sweden at the likes of Proteinbolaget in single cans and bulk cases of two dozen.

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