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New flavors of RYSE’s powerhouse Godzilla Pre-Workout arrive at under $50 each

Strawberry Kiwi Ryse Godzilla Pre Workout

As teased a couple of weeks ago, RYSE has revealed and released the two new flavors it said were coming for its powerhouse Godzilla Pre-Workout, which we had our suspicions of what they would be, based on the clues in the brand’s initial teaser. Our guesses, judging by the colors, a couple of the words, and the fruits we could see, were a classic Strawberry Kiwi and a smooth-tasting Blackberry Lemonade.

It turns out we weren’t close but spot on with our guesses of the second and third flavors of RYSE’s Godzilla Pre-Workout, as Strawberry Kiwi and a tasty Blackberry Lemonade are exactly what has rolled out. You can now purchase either or both of the options for the well-formulated and incredibly effective supplement from the brand’s website at $56.99 or $48.35 if you use Noel Deyzel’s coupon code “NOEL”.