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Oat-based Oatcake from All Stars gets a higher protein spin-off in two flavors

All Stars Oatcake Protein

German brand All Stars is no stranger to adding to its oat-based snack Oatcake, which comes in a substantial selection of flavors, including tasty creations like Banana Bread, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Birthday Cake. This month the brand is turning its attention to the product once again for two more flavor extensions, although these aren’t just any additional options.

The latest from All Stars’ are Chocolate Drizzle and Sweet Berry Mix flavors of Oatcake, or more specifically, the completely new Oatcake Protein. The on-the-go Oatcake Protein, is what it sounds like, with a version of the oat-powered product featuring moderately higher protein. All Stars has infused the snack with whey to give you a respectable 12g of protein in its hefty 80g bar.

The rest of the macros in All Stars’ Oatcake Protein are similar to the original, with a high 35g of carbohydrates, 14g of that sugar, 19g of fat, and 368 calories. That’s lower carbs, almost four times the protein, and around the same calories as the Chocolate Oatcake. Oatcake Protein is available direct for only slightly more than Oatcake at €2.49 a bar or €29.90 a box.