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Alpha Neon packs a huge 10g of stabilized glycerol in its first pump pre-workout

Alpha Neon Pumped Tf

Pumped TF is an all-new, stimulant-free pre-workout from the reputable UK brand Alpha Neon and it is all about increasing, improving, and enhancing muscle pumps. The brand has built it with stackability in mind, meaning you can use it alongside stimulant-powered pre-workouts for even better pumps, including Alpha Neon’s own Darkside Onslaught, with little to no crossover.

Alpha Neon has packed Pumped TF full of some strong highlights such as 3g of betaine and 300mg of premium AmentoPump, but the star of the show is its hefty dose of glycerol, although this is not ordinary glycerol. The brand has packed the pump-powering pre-workout with 10g of what it calls stabilized glycerol powder, and it is said to be one of the most stable glycerols out there.

If you’ve purchased a supplement with glycerol in it and found that it hardened or clumped, at least more than your typical pre-workout, there is a good chance the glycerol was mostly to blame. This is something Alpha Neon is looking to combat in Pumped TF with its stabilized glycerol powder, which it ran some of its own stabilization scenarios on and had great results.

Alpha Neon has built a strong reputation for itself in the UK and Europe, and it’s become a reliably effective brand in many categories, with Pumped TF finally giving it a competitor in the pump pre-workout space. The supplement is expected to launch this week through Alpha Neon’s online store and then roll out to its many stores and stockists in the coming weeks.