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Peach Ring series quickly follows Black Market’s two-week-old Grape Bubble Gum

Black Market Peach Ring Flavor Series

It was only a couple of weeks ago where we saw the original underground supplement company Black Market mix things up with a fresh new flavor series. The brand rolled out a tasty new Grape Bubble Gum flavor for its long-running pre-workouts, Bulk and Cuts, and what made them a bit different was Black Market wrapped the two in an alternative but matching label design.

Not even one month later, Black Market is back, launching another flavor series, although this one involves more supplements. Now available for a limited time through the brand’s online store, is its original pre-workouts Bulk and Cuts, and the AdreNOlyns Nootropic and Underground, in a sweet and refreshing Peach Ring flavor, and the labels have been tweaked to reflect the taste.

As mentioned, Black Market’s Peach Ring Bulk, Cuts, AdreNOlyn Nootropic, and AdreNOlyn Underground are all available for purchase straight from the brand’s online store at $49.99 each for Bulk and Cuts, and slightly higher at $54.99 for the more advanced AdreNOlyn pre-workouts.