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Blue Star gets a massive makeover with a fresh new look and premium packaging

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Rebrand

Popular sports nutrition brand Blue Star Nutraceuticals has refreshed its look for 2022, making some pretty drastic changes to its branding, as you can see for yourself in the image above. Blue Star has swapped its blue background, and silver header and footer for a very different design, with a much busier graphic in the back which changes from product to product.

Blue Star Nutraceuticals is currently rolling out its rebrand on a handful of supplements, including the pre-workout PPK, testosterone booster Status, GH Peak, fat burner Blade, creatine Crea-Tech, and the superfood product Roughage. To go with the new look, the brand has tweaked some of the formulas in those supplements, including its premier pre-workout PPK.

Most of Blue Star Nutraceuticals’ ingredients and dosages in the PPK pre-workout have remained the same, with a few changes here and there. The latest iteration comes with a solid 6g of citrulline malate, half a gram of agmatine for even more pumps, 400mg of the performance-supporting Peak-ATP, and a higher hit of caffeine than its predecessor at a strong 300mg per serving.

Blue Star Revamps Ppk

While Blue Star Nutraceuticals has only applied the look to six different supplements, it will eventually roll out to the rest of the line, with everything having the same sort of look and feel. There is even more to the rebrand in person, as the labels feature raised ink and the lids are soft-touch, which really adds to the experience in stores or when fans receive their order.

You can check out the Blue Star Nutraceuticals website to see the rebranded PPK, Status, GH Peak, Blade, Crea-Tech, and Roughage in more detail and read about each of their formulas. All those revamped products are in stock and available for purchase, but definitely be on the lookout for more from Blue Star as that refresh spreads across the rest of its extensive selection.