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Czech bodybuilding brand Extrifit jumps on the beauty trend with BeautyFuel

Extrifit Beautyfuel

Beauty is another category that has come on strong and become very popular these past couple of years, similar to the likes of gaming, superfood, and immune health. Beauty supplements tend to feature a variety of vitamins, collagen, the likes of hyaluronic acid, and occasionally some premium components such as Verbasnol, Astrion, and Dermaval.

Trending categories like beauty aren’t limited to the major North American market, and the absolutely giant Czech brand Extrifit has just proven that, adding a dedicated beauty supplement to its extensive selection of sports nutrition products. The bright orange brand has introduced BeautyFuel, designed to support healthy hair and nails, and skin appearance and health.

Extrifit Beautyfuel Label

Extrifit’s BeautyFuel features a full range of B vitamins, zinc, selenium, and a few more complex ingredients in inositol, kelp, methionine, 200mg of hyaluronic acid, ginkgo biloba, and 3g of marine-sourced collagen. As mentioned, dedicated beauty supplements have become more common lately, and Extrifit is carrying that trend into its home country of Czechia.

BeautyFuel should already be out and available in Extrifit’s many different stores and stockists across Czechia in bottles of 90 capsules. If you take three capsules a day, you’ll get the usual 30 servings from the product, although that won’t get you the full dosages. For that, you need to bump up to four capsules but that will supply you for less than a month at 22 days.