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Extrifit reveals a family of five shot format supplements including Fishya and Trainox

Extrifit Fatherm Fishya Trainox

The Czech Republic company Extrifit, available all over the country, has previewed a series of shot format supplements with just a preview of them for now. There are five products in total, and they’re each designed to support different benefits and areas of health, and again, they come in convenient 90ml liquid shots for fans to easily throw down on the go.

Extrifit’s upcoming shots are BCAA 5000, featuring 5g of BCAAs a bottle at the usual 2:1:1 leucine to isoleucine and valine ratio, the fat burner FB-3!, and a supplement named Fatherm. Next is the seemingly pump-enhancing pre-workout Trainox, and lastly, Fishya, which is a beauty formula of sorts combining fish-sourced collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Extrifit’s BCAA 5000, FB-3!, Fatherm, Trainox, and Fishya are launching soon in the Czech Republic, and they all have two individual flavors. There is Apricot and Grape for the amino, Elderberry and Kiwi for the fat burner, Blackcurrant and Citron for Fatherm, Blackcurrant and Grapefruit for Trainox, and for Fishya the menu is made up of Elderberry and Apricot.

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