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Gainomax steps out of its comfort zone and into energy drinks with BCAA Rehydrate

Gainomax Bcaa Rehydrate

Swedish functional brand Gainomax is known for its high-protein products with the Gainomax Protein Shake and Gainomax Protein Bar. Some of the flavors of the bar have additional active ingredients for intriguing benefits, such as the creatine-infused Dark Chocolate Mint. The brand is now stepping outside of protein and into a whole new world of sports nutrition with Gainomax BCAA Rehydrate.

BCAA Rehydrate is a beverage featuring a reasonably typical blend of ingredients for functional drinks in Europe, and it is Gainomax’s first non-protein-focused product. BCAA Rehydrate comes in a slim and sleek 330ml can, each packing a sizeable 3.5g of the all-important muscle recovery amino acids BCAAs, B vitamins, electrolytes, and for an anytime boost in energy, the ever-reliable caffeine at a moderate 180mg.

Gainomax’s all-new BCAA Rehydrate drink is also a clean product, with no added sugar and low carbohydrates and calories, and it’s available now in Sweden in three traditional tastes with Wild Raspberry, Lemonade, and Green Apple. As mentioned, the brand has only ever stuck to protein products, so BCAA Rehydrate is a major move for Gainomax and should go well with its already strong distribution.