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Gaspari brings together several reliable ingredients for its first GDA competitor

Gaspari Proven Gda

Gaspari Nutrition’s competitor for the specialized glucose disposal agent category Proven GDA has arrived on the legacy brand’s online store, and alongside a strong sitewide sale. The deal Gaspari has going on gets you 15% off everything with no coupon code required; it’s all automatically applied and brings Proven GDA down from its usual $34.99 to $29.74.

As we’ve seen in many Gaspari Nutrition supplements, Proven GDA brings together reliable ingredients for its specific purpose, which is to help your body utilize carbohydrates more efficiently. Many different benefits stem from that core goal, including weight loss support, improved muscle recovery and performance, better pumps, and blood sugar stabilization.

Gaspari Nutrition Proven Gda Label

We’ve got the facts panel for Gaspari Nutrition’s Proven GDA in the image above, with common GDA components like gymnema at half a gram per serving, bitter melon also at 500mg, 100mg of banaba, and 300mg of cinnamon extract. The brand has squeezed in a premium ingredient as well with the more bioavailable GlucoVantage dihydroberberine and, interestingly, the common testosterone booster fenugreek at 300mg.

Proven GDA is designed to be taken before a high carbohydrate meal to make the best use of its glucose optimizing abilities, with all of the ingredients above wrapped up in a simple three capsule serving. Gaspari Nutrition has packed Proven GDA with the common 30 servings a bottle, so throwing it down at one serving a day, it’ll get you through a typical month.