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Fan-favorite Ghost Energy coming to Walmart in the New Year

Ghost Energy Drink In Walmart

The Ghost Energy drink is the most diversely distributed product from Ghost, as, unlike its supplements, you can find the beverage at many different stores and stockists. The lifestyle brand also keeps things exciting and has an expanding selection of flavors, including originals like Citrus and Sour Patch Redberry, and later additions such as Orange Cream and Bubblicious Strawberry Splash.

In the New Year, Ghost is looking to massively expand the distribution and availability of the Ghost Energy drink even further, despite already being as readily accessible as it is. News has come in that in January of next year, Ghost is launching its energy and focus-enhancing beverage at Walmart, and it will be just the drink; still, none of the brand’s supplements like Ghost Legend and Ghost Whey.

This is undoubtedly a significant move by Ghost, and even though it is only going to be the Ghost Energy drink at Walmart, it’ll put the brand and its name in front of a whole new crowd. Once again, that expansion is said to be taking place in the first month of the New Year, which is about four months away. We’re not sure what flavors will be making it to Walmart, but we imagine it’ll have a great price.