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Higher stimulant pre-workout hitting the Huge lineup sometime soon

Huge Supplements Wrecked High Stim

Huge Supplements has a diverse selection of sports nutrition products, although it hasn’t gone all that deep into the incredibly popular world of pre-workouts. In its time on the market, the brand has rolled out the original, mainstream pre-workout Wrecked, the stimulant-free pump pre-workout Pump Serum, and the more intense, special edition Review Bros collaboration Wrecked Extreme.

Huge Supplements is now teasing another pre-workout saying, “Wrecked now has a very angry brother”, and describing the mysterious, upcoming product as its new high-stimulant pre-workout. A more intense or extreme alternative is a type of supplement we’ve been seeing more and more lately, where a brand formulates a pre-workout more focused on the stimulant side of the experience.

That is precisely what it sounds like Huge Supplements is planning to launch in the near future, although for now, the teaser line and description is all we have to go off. Huge has proven it can put together effective, powerful, and packed-out formulas, and we imagine that’ll continue into its more intense or high-stimulant supplement, which also sounds like it’ll be carrying the “Wrecked” name.