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Klout describes its refreshed Karma as more of a nootropic pre-workout

Klout Karma Nootropic Pre Workout

Klout has revealed a new version of its stimulant pre-workout Karma, which is quite different from the current iteration but still a solid, balanced pre-workout. The brand refers to the supplement as a nootropic pre-workout, and that is fitting, as the upcoming Karma sequel puts a lot of attention on focus and pump ingredients alongside a solid dose of caffeine for energy.

You can see the facts panel for Klout’s refreshed Karma pre-workout in the image below, and as mentioned, it is indeed true to its description of a nootropic pre-workout. The supplement rolls together a handful of main ingredients to elevate mental focus, enhance muscle pumps, and increase energy without the performance and endurance-supporting beta-alanine of its predecessor.

Klout Karma Nootropic Pre Workout Label

For the mental focus side of Klout’s new Karma, you get a gram of tyrosine, 10mg of Thinkamine branded vincamine, and a full 1.6g of the popular gaming nootropic NooLVL. There are a couple of caffeine sources in the mix with 275mg of caffeine anhydrous and 25mg of di-caffeine malate, then pink Himalayan salt for hydration, and to drive pumps, 1.5g of premium NO3-T nitrates, divided into a gram of betaine nitrate and 500mg of potassium nitrate.

Klout is looking to relaunch the nootropic version of its Karma pre-workout in only a few days on Thursday of next week through its online store at The supplement is going to cost $46 for a tub of 20 full servings, before any discount and it’ll have three flavors to choose from on launch in Arctic Cherry, Poison Apple, and the strawberry candy experience Juicy Burst.