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Klout puts together custom sample boxes and is sending them to interested retailers free

Klout Retailer Sample Box

The still relatively new and fast-growing Klout has been a trending brand here at Stack3d due to its recent relaunch of three supplements in the amino Nero, nootropic pre-workout Karma, and more intense pre-workout Mamba. This week the brand has something new, exciting, and worth getting in on for the industry side with a free, special edition Sample Box exclusively for retailers.

You can see what Klout’s completely custom Sample Box looks like in the image above, and it is nice. The well-presented package opens up to four full-size supplements for stores to try first hand with the pre-workouts Karma, Mamba and the stimulant-free Realm, and the amino cocktail Nero. Alongside all of that is a premium and custom-branded Ice Shaker to mix all of the products in.

Again, these special edition Sample Boxes are something Klout is sending out to any domestic retailer for free, and all you need to do is connect with the brand through its website or social media. The gradually growing brand is looking to expand its reach, and this is a great way to do it, getting its name out there and being an excellent way to introduce itself to stores unfamiliar with it.