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Klout maintains its solid dose of EAAs and electrolytes in its refreshed Nero

Klout Nero Aminos

The fast-growing and still relatively new sports nutrition brand Klout has revamped its amino supplement Nero, which isn’t all that old but has undergone some changes here in the second half of 2022. Like the original, the product is focused around a good amount of all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, alongside a blend of electrolytes to improve and support hydration.

Klout’s refreshed Nero provides a sizeable dose of EAAs at precisely 6.7g per serving, and as per usual, most of that is made up of the all-important BCAAs with 5g. The brand has also included, as mentioned, electrolytes to support and improve hydration and performance, alongside 250mg of coconut water, and to improve absorption of the formula, 25mg of the popular and premium AstraGin.

The revamped amino cocktail Nero is available first through Klout’s official online store in three tasty flavor options, with the pineapple and orange recipe Sunshine, the watermelon-based Sour Melon, and the pink candy-themed Juicy Burst. You can pick up Klout’s EAA-packed Nero at for $30 for a tub of 20 servings, and that can be dropped with any of its ambassador coupons.