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Second Life Pro energy gel comes with a moderate dose of caffeine

Life Pro Energy Gel With Caffeine

Squeezable gel-style nutrition supplements aren’t anywhere near as common as they used to be, but they’re still out there, especially in international markets. Life Pro Nutrition has just come out with something new in that classic format, simply named Energy Gel. This isn’t the European brand’s first gel product, that would be Cyclo Gel Energy, and this is slightly different from that.

Life Pro Nutrition’s Energy Gel is a strong source of carbohydrates, like Cyclo Gel, providing 30g per gel, transparently coming from 20g of maltodextrin and 10g of fructose. There is also 200mg of sodium in the product to support hydration and further performance. The one extra ingredient that separates Energy Gel from Cyclo Gel is energizing caffeine, included at a moderate 100mg.

It is worth noting Life Pro Nutrition’s Cyclo Gel does rely on different ingredients for its carbohydrates, a more premium source, in fact, with Cluster Dextrin highly branched cyclic dextrin and a bit of maltodextrin. That is likely why it’s still more expensive than the new and caffeinated Energy Gel, at €1.80 each versus €2.10, and it has more flavors in Orange, Mango, Tropical, and Lemon Lime.