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Virtually zero calorie sauce arrives at Life Pro Nutrition in nine delicious flavors

Life Pro Nutrition Sauzero

It is incredibly common for sports nutrition brands in the UK and Europe to have a functional side, whether that be protein snacks, low-calorie treats, or healthier alternatives to familiar foods. One of the types of products we see most tap into is low to zero-calorie condiments, and that is precisely what Spanish brand Life Pro Nutrition has rolled out this week.

Now available from Life Pro Nutrition is SauZero, an almost zero-calorie sauce that comes in a strong selection of flavors. The brand has debuted the product in nine different tastes, with the likes of its Chocolate option having only 400mg of carbohydrates in a reasonable 15g serving, half of that 400mg is sugar, zero fat, 100mg of protein, and one-third of a calorie.

As mentioned, Life Pro Nutrition’s SauZero has nine flavors on its menu, and while some of them are dessert-style creations like Chocolate, some are more traditional sauces. Alongside Chocolate are Strawberry, Chocolate Nut, Blueberry, Pancake, and some non-dessert flavors, Mexican, BBQ, Ketchup, and Ketchup Curry.

Life Pro Nutrition’s essentially no-calorie SauZero sauce clearly makes an effort to reach as many different individuals as it can with a wide variety of flavors, and they’re all available through its official online store. All of the options for the product have 310ml of sauce, giving you plenty of servings, and the price on them isn’t too bad either at €3.80 (3.80 USD).