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Legacy brand CNP makes a series of flavors inspired by the popular soda Fanta

Loaded Eaa Fantasy Flavor Series

Legacy UK brand CNP has announced a tasty new series of flavors coming soon to its full-spectrum EAA-based amino supplement, Loaded EAA. CNP packs a good amount of the muscle recovery and repair ingredients into each serving of the product at 7.5g, with about 5g of that being BCAAs, and it’s all further enhanced with the absorption enhancing components, BioPerine black pepper and premium AstraGin.

The collection of tastes on the way to CNP’s Loaded EAA is the Fantasy Flavor Series, and we feel we know why it’s named that. There are three flavors in the line with Twisted Fruit, Fantasy Lemon, and a classic citrusy Orange. Based on the style of the flavor callout on each of the supplements, we’re guessing this is a family of options inspired by the famous soda Fanta, which the name “Fantasy” certainly leans into.

CNP is dropping its Fantasy Flavor Series for Loaded EAA sometime soon, with the amino supplement’s usual ingredients, including that hefty 7.5g of all nine EAAs with well below a gram of carbohydrates and fat at only nine calories a serving.

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