Finland’s M Nutrition teams up with Ilona Siekkinen for a functional beverage

M Nutrition Twi Bcaa

M Nutrition from Finland has partnered with fitness influencer and trainer Ilona Siekkinen for several sports nutrition products, and today it is launching yet another. While all of the other collaborations between the two have been pill or powder supplements, the latest is something a bit different in a beverage featuring both Ilona Siekkinen and her coaching brand Training With Ilona or TWI.

The beverage M Nutrition and Ilona Siekkinen have created is simply named BCAA, although that title ingredient isn’t all that’s in there. Each can of the product packs a reasonable 1.4g of BCAAs, a variety of vitamins, zero sugar, eight calories, and 180mg of caffeine for energy. It is similar to most other functional drinks in Europe, combining BCAAs and caffeine with a clean twist of no sugar.

M Nutrition and Ilona Siekkinen’s BCAA beverage is available in the one Sweet Berries flavor straight from the brand’s online store, and until midnight tonight, it is discounted quite heavily. M Nutrition has slashed the hybrid drink by 40%, bringing it down to €1.49 (1.51 USD) for a single can, €8.94 (9.07 USD) for a pack of six, or go bulk and get a case of two dozen for €35.69 (36.19 USD).