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Monster teams up with Apex Legends for another set of in-game rewards

Monster X Apex Legends Promotion

Around this time last year, beverage giant Monster teamed up with the hugely popular first-person shooter Apex Legends for a promotion where if you purchased a can of one of its energy drinks, you could unlock exclusive in-game rewards. The rewards got better the more you drank and redeemed with things like the Wraith skin Energy Transfer at a total of 30 energy drinks.

Monster and Apex Legends are back together this year for another collaboration promotion, rewarding fans that grab specially marked beverages with awesome in-game rewards. There are two types of special edition products that you’ll need to look out for; there are various Monster energy drinks with an Apex Legends design or a black ring pull; either one qualifies.

You can see the special edition Monster energy drinks with Apex Legends designs in the image above, and you can find them on a strong selection of energizing beverages, including Monster Rehab, Juice Monster, our favorite Monster Ultra, and the original Monster Energy. The rewards are, once again, exclusive and worthwhile, especially if you’re already a frequent Monster consumer.

Each can be redeemed after your second through the promotion’s website, you will get a free Apex Legends battle pass, with up to nine available. Your first reward at a single can is an exclusive Pathfinder Skin, your third also scores the Pathfinder Tracker Set, and at five, you get the Rampart Tracker Set. It’s another great collaboration between Monster and Apex Legends and an easy way for gamers to enjoy Monster and easily be rewarded.