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Brazil’s Mrs. Taste brings its twist to ranch dressing and wing sauce

Mrs Taste Buffalo Wing Sauce

The healthier condiment company Mrs. Taste, originally from Brazil, has rolled out two new flavors of its signature sauce, available in its home country as well as internationally through its US-exclusive online store. The brand’s latest creations are actually classic sauces but with Mrs. Taste’s reliable twist of significantly leaner and lower nutrition than their traditional counterparts.

Now available from as well as, which services the US, is Ranch Dressing featuring zero sugar and sodium, with only a gram of carbohydrates in a single tablespoon serving, 3g of fat, and 35 calories. The other product is Buffalo Wing Sauce, with absolutely no sodium, sugar, carbohydrates, or calories, but it still promises a familiar finger-licking wing sauce taste.

You can grab either or both Mrs. Taste’s Ranch Dressing and Buffalo Wing Sauce through for fans here in the US at $6.99 a bottle. For a limited time, you can also throw in the coupon “GAMEDAY15” for 15% off everything, and to make your purchase even more worthwhile, the brand offers free shipping on orders over $49.