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Experience PVL’s latest flavor via smell with its innovative scratch-and-sniff labels

Pvl Orange Series

PVL’s previously teased product or products, shared alongside the line “squeeze the day”, has been revealed, and it is a lot more than we expected. Originally all we knew was that it was something to do with oranges and the brand’s advanced Gold Series of supplements. What PVL has done is create a family of citrusy, orange-flavored products, three to be exact, and of course, they’re all from the Gold Series.

The Orange Collection from PVL consists of an Orange Krush’D flavor of the pre-workout Domin8 and amino cocktail EAA+BCAA Complete, and a slightly different citrusy recipe for the Gold Series protein powder with an Orange Creamsicle ISO Gold. The creativity gets even better as each of the items features a first-of-its-kind in supplements, scratch-and-sniff label, where you scratch to experience the taste via smell.

Each of PVL’s Orange Collection supplements comes with their usual respective formula, and if you head to the brand’s website you can get the whole set at a discounted price of $144.97. That special edition bundle also comes with a free shaker bottle themed around the series and featuring that phrase “squeeze the day”.