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Classic sandwich cookie coming to Skinny Food’s growing Chocaholic family

Skinny Food Chocaholic Sandwich Cookies

The Skinny Food Co has cooked up another intriguing innovation, something we see it do relatively frequently, although this one looks even more fun than any of its other items. Chocaholic is the name of the functional brand’s delicious low-sugar spread, which has been expanded and used well beyond that original product in many different formats, and that is what its latest creation has done once again.

The Skinny Food Co has shared a preview of Chocaholic Sandwich Cookies, and they are exactly what they’re called. The product is a classic sandwich cookie, featuring a creamy filling sandwiched between two crumbly cookies. The brand has shown off three options for the snack, one with a vanilla filling in chocolate cookies, a chocolate filling in vanilla cookies, and then another covered in chocolate.

All three of the Chocaholic Sandwich Cookies obviously sound delicious, and they have The Skinny Food Co’s usual twist with no added sugar and much better nutrition compared to your traditional sandwich cookie. We don’t have a timeframe for the launch of the promising cookies, but as we’ve said before, the brand tends to move quickly, so we don’t imagine it’s long before you see these on its website.