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Pina Colada arrives for Steel Fuel and Pump in time for SteelFit’s Labor Day sale

Steelfit Pina Colada

Like many other sports nutrition brands, SteelFit is celebrating Labor Day with a strong sale running throughout the weekend, where you can save up to 70% at It is worth noting that it is “up to” 70%, so not everything is discounted by that amount, with the likes of the protein powders Steel Whey and Steel Vegan at 30% off, and Steel Fuel and Steel Pump going a little higher at 40% discount.

On the topic of SteelFit’s amino cocktail Steel Fuel and the pre-workout Steel Pump, to go with its Labor Day Weekend sale, the brand has launched the same new flavor for both of those supplements. SteelFit has cooked up a cocktail-inspired PiƱa Colada option for Steel Fuel and Pump, which again, during the Labor Day promotion, are 40% off, lowering Fuel to a strong $17.95 and Pump to $23.95.

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