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Swolverine aims to support recovery and hydration in its advanced intra-workout

Swolverine Intra

Swolverine has ramped up the offerings under its Performance Series, which consists of advanced sports nutrition products like the pre-workout Pre and the testosterone booster ZMT. Intra is one of the newest entries in the collection, and as you could probably guess its name, it is indeed an intra-workout supplement designed to be taken during your workout.

Swolverine’s Performance Series Intra has been put together to support all of the usual intra-workout benefits, including hydration, endurance, performance, and recovery. Similar to the brand’s pre-workout Pre, Intra features an advanced combination of ingredients, including a combined 4.3g of all nine EAAs — 3g of that BCAAs — to support muscle recovery.

Swolverine Intra Label

Alongside the amino acids in Swolverine’s Intra, there is 200mg of tart cherry to further support recovery and repair, and 800mg of ginseng, half a gram of coconut water, electrolytes, pomegranate, and pink Himalayan salt to drive the hydration and performance portion. Everything is rolled up into a flavored powder for you to easily consume while training.

Intra isn’t out and available yet; however, you can pre-order it directly from Swolverine’s online store at $46.99 for a full-size tub of 30 servings, which will last longer than a typical month if you don’t train every day. There are two flavors to choose from for the intra-workout supplement in Tropical Blast and Cherry Frost, and if you pre-order, there is quite the wait with Swolverine’s Intra not expected to ship until November.