Trained By JP expands its impressive price match guarantee to include its EAA

Trained By Jp Price Match

Trained By JP Nutrition has an interesting feature that we’ve only just learned about as it has expanded to involve more than a couple of supplements. The reputable brand from bodybuilder and coach Jordan Peters has something called the Price Match Guarantee, where, as you’d expect, it guarantees the lowest price on a select amount of its products.

Initially, the Price Match Guarantee only applied to Trained By JP Nutrition’s standalone Creatine and Glutamine, which are bulk 1kg bags of their title ingredients, creatine monohydrate and l-glutamine. What it means is that if you find the same supplement, such as a 1kg bag of creatine monohydrate, for a lower price, the brand will match it.

Trained By JP Nutrition’s Price Match Guarantee now also involves JP EAA, another large one-kilogram product featuring a blend of all nine EAAs. Again, if you find the same supplement for a cheaper price, the brand will match it, and this is only applicable to competitors in the UK. To be fair, Trained By JP’s Creatine, Glutamine, and JP EAA are well priced, so the guarantee probably won’t be called into effect all that often.

We’ve seen things like this done before in the supplement industry, but it’s certainly hard to recall the last time we saw a brand of Trained By JP Nutrition’s size do it this confidently. Either way, it’s a great move to help separate the brand from its competitors and assure fans they’re getting a fair price, and you can see it all for yourself on Trained By JP’s website.