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Boogieman expands into a series with a protein powder, protein bar and energy drink

Trec Nutrition Boogie Series

Europe’s Trec Nutrition has taken its Boogieman pre-workout — also available in a more compact format with the Boogieman Shot — and created an entire Boogie Series. There are three new supplements being introduced under the line, and while one of them features stimulants, similar to the original Boogieman, the other two are for a different side of sports nutrition.

The all-new energizing product from Trec Nutrition for its Boogie Series is Boogie Zero, a bottled energy drink packing a good amount of caffeine for energy with zero sugar and a tropical flavor. The other two are protein-based items with the crispy piece-filled snack, Boogie Bar, and Boogie Whey, a whey concentrate protein powder that has added creatine and amino acids.

We haven’t got any more specific details yet, like if there are any other ingredients in Boogie Zero outside of caffeine, the macros on the Boogie Bar, or if those added aminos count towards the protein of Boogie Whey; we only have their names and brief descriptions. Either way, it sounds like they’re making their way out to stores soon, if not already, and should have a strong reception since Boogieman is one of Trec Nutrition’s most popular products.