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Wispy’s fast-growing low-calorie sauce continues to expand with three more flavors

Wispy Nutrition Hot Sriracha Zero Sauce

Retailer Muscle House already grew its low-calorie sauce Zero Sauce from its brand Wispy Nutrition by a massive amount in August, doubling the size of its menu. The convenient condiment went from four options to a much stronger eight, with the new additions Honey Mustard, Spicy Garlic, Chipotle Mayo, and Mayonnaise, and now it’s been taken even further with flavors number nine, ten, and eleven.

Joining Wispy Nutrition’s already robust menu for Zero Sauce are three traditional sauces but with that significantly lower calorie twist in Tomato Ketchup, Curry Ketchup, and to add a bit of spice to your meal, Hot Sriracha. Like the product’s other options, the calories are incredibly low in the three flavor extensions with a gram or less of carbohydrates and five to six calories in a reasonable 15g serving.

Wispy Nutrition’s new Tomato Ketchup, Curry Ketchup, and Hot Sriracha Zero Sauce are available straight from its online store and still very reasonably priced at 49 (6.62 USD) for a 430g bottle.