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Xplosiv steps outside of pre-workout with its amino cocktail Flavor Bomb

Xplosiv Flavor Bomb

Retailer and brand Xplosiv, down under in New Zealand, has grown its selection of supplements once again, which already consisted of a few items all centered around energy and workouts. The brand has the stimulant pre-workout Ping, the Ping and Pine Extreme energy drinks, the stimulant-free pump pre-workout Flood, and now it’s finally got something that’s not a pre-workout.

Flavor Bomb is Xplosiv’s third supplement, an amino cocktail that keeps things incredibly straightforward by featuring only the three all-important BCAAs. Every serving of Flavor Bomb packs 7.1g of BCAAs alongside electrolytes to additionally support hydration. Usually, the product carries a cost of $59.95, although, at the moment, at it is discounted down to $47.96 (28.88 USD).

Xplosiv’s Flavor Bomb does sound like it has a great taste to it, something we can’t obviously confirm until we’ve tried the supplement, but it does have three flavors to choose from. The amino product’s menu consists of the pineapple recipe Tiki Punch, the lime-based Citrus Smash, and Juicy ‘Rin with a mandarin flavor, all packing a hefty amount of servings at 50 per tub.

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