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yFood changes Complete Meal’s look but not the formula for its limited Gaming Edition

Yfood Complete Meal Rtd Gaming Edition

yFood is a lifestyle nutrition company from Europe that has a selection of clean, nutritious, and balanced products, primarily in convenient on-the-go formats such as shakes and bars. The brand does have a powder supplement, although the on-the-go options are what it’s known for, especially the yFood Complete Meal RTD, which boldly says on the face of its bottle, “This Is Food”.

yFood has mixed things up in its latest launch with an intriguing Gaming Edition of the yFood Complete Meal RTD. The product is branded a little differently and says “Gaming Edition” on the bottle, and it comes in a fresh new Fudge Brownie flavor. On the inside, though, as far as we can tell by looking at the formula, it is the same blend of ingredients as other flavors of the nutritious product.

There isn’t anything added to make it specific to gamers; it appears to be more of a marketing approach showing yFood Complete Meal RTD as an ideal solution for gamers after quick and convenient nutrition. The macros on the brand’s Gaming Edition are as balanced as the other flavors with 35g of protein, an equal 35g of carbohydrates, 22g of fat, and 500 calories, and it’s fortified with a variety of vitamins and minerals for general health and wellness.

yFood’s Gaming Edition of the Complete Meal RTD is the same price as the standard version and its eight flavors at €23.94 for a bundle of six bottles, working out to €3.99 (3.98 USD) each. The special edition effort is only available for a limited time, and as mentioned, it is in a completely new Fudge Brownie flavor, so even if the gaming angle doesn’t appeal to fans, it is a new taste experience.

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