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Knocked The F*ck Out lands another fitting nighttime flavor in Hot Chocolate

5 Percent Nutrition Hot Chocolate Knocked The Fck Out

Knocked The Fck Out is one of 5% Nutrition’s two sleep supplements, the other one being Drink Sleep Grow, featuring a more multi-benefit formula with ingredients for sleep, recovery, and joint health. In Knocked The Fck Out, the brand extends the nighttime experience beyond the formula and into the flavor, giving it familiar, relaxing beverage tastes like Honey Lemon Tea, Apple Cider, and now on the menu, Hot Chocolate.

5% Nutrition has rolled out a Hot Chocolate Knocked The F*ck Out this week, still featuring its all-out sleep support formula, including the likes of 750mg of GABA, 75mg of theanine, half a gram of tryptophan, and a huge 8mg of melatonin. One of the first places you can pick up the product is the brand’s own online store at, where a tub of 30 servings to help get you to sleep every night for a full month is $38.99.

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