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All Stars differentiates its latest protein bar by making it snack-sized

All Stars Protein Snack Bar

Despite already having many different protein snacks and treats on the market with the likes of Oatcake Protein, Protein Cookie Crunch, Pro-Plex, Clean Bar, and Skyr Protein Bar, All Stars continues to find room for more. This month the brand is rolling out yet another edible, on-the-go item in the All Stars Protein Snack Bar, with the difference in this one being its more compact size.

All Stars has indeed designed its Protein Snack Bar as the ideal product for when you’d prefer something smaller, at least smaller than its other offers, but still high in protein and with reasonable calories. The Protein Snack Bar answers that call with 9.8 to 11g of protein in a 35g snack, 3.9 to 5.6g of fat, 12 to 14g of carbohydrates with most of that sugar, and 127 to 148 calories.

The macros certainly fit the bill of All Stars’ aim for a lighter protein-packed product, with two flavors available for the Protein Snack Bar in Strawberry and the higher protein and higher calorie Nut Crunch. You can already pick up the snack-sized bar from the brand’s website at €1.59 for one or €27.90 for a box of 18, which is only slightly better value than buying individually.

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