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Fans of Believe now have a more cost-effective pre-workout separate from Pump Addict

Believe Supplements Pre Fuel

Canada’s Believe Supplements already had a pre-workout competitor on the market in Pump Addict, which despite the pump-sounding title, is a typical well-rounded product. Pump Addict is still on the market, although it is now no longer the brand’s only entry in the highly competitive category, as it has just dropped another balanced pre-workout in Pre Fuel.

Pre Fuel is Believe Supplements’ more budget-friendly, cost-effective pre-workout, having the same amount of servings per tub as Pump Addict at 25, but it is about 28% cheaper at $39.99. The formula does reflect that level of price, featuring a much simpler and relatively straightforward combination next to Pump Addict with common ingredients and reasonable dosages.

We’ve got the facts panel for Believe Supplements’ Pre Fuel pre-workout in the image above, and it has a lot of similarities to Pump Addict. Like that previously released product, Pre Fuel has 6g of citrulline malate to power muscle pumps, as well as 150mg of alpha-GPC for focus, 2g of beta-alanine for performance, and the classic caffeine at a moderate 200mg.

Believe Supplements Pre Fuel Label

With the dose of caffeine that it has, Believe Supplements does leave room to double up and have two servings of Pre Fuel, which would bring the dosages up to a more impressive level, including a huge 12g of citrulline malate, a hefty 4g of beta-alanine, 300mg of alpha-GPC, and a more potent amount of caffeine at 400mg; the amount in Pump Addict.

While that two-scoop serving of Pre Fuel looks attractive, Believe Supplements directs users to take just one, hence only listing one scoop dosages on its facts panel. If you’d like to give the brand’s second-stimulant and well-rounded pre-workout a try, as mentioned, it is available straight from Believe’s online store at $39.99, and that is before any discount.