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Black-branded Blackcurrants flavor joins GAAM Energy’s every-growing menu

Blackcurrants Gaam Energy

The newest flavor of Proteinbolaget house brand GAAM Nutrition’s energy drink, GAAM Energy, has launched this week, which has taken its menu to even more impressive heights. Since its simpler reformulation and complete rebrand a couple of years ago, the brand has consistently expanded the menu of the beverage, and now it sits beyond double digits, with GAAM’s latest effort taking that even further.

Joining Proteinbolaget and GAAM Nutrition’s GAAM Energy drink menu this time around is a black-colored Blackcurrants flavor, aiming to deliver the sweet fruity taste of the same name. It has all of the same nutrition and active ingredients as the many other options available, with a variety of vitamins, a reliable and moderate 180mg of caffeine for energy, absolutely no sugar, and a calorie count of one per can.

You can grab Blackcurrants GAAM Energy straight from Proteinbolaget’s online store in its many ongoing purchase options, including individual cans at 22 kr (1.98 USD), cases of 24 in one or mixed flavors at 299 kr (26.94 USD), or grab the most cost-effective size, the 48-piece tray at 549 kr (49.47 USD).