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Blood Orange expands Core ABC’s already extremely expansive menu

Blood Orange Core Abc

Core Nutritionals is incredibly frequent and consistent when it comes to drops, whether it be another flavor for a supplement it already has available or something completely new and complex like the recently released Core Hydrate. This week the reputable and Brand Of The Decade nominee is back again with another addition to its extensive selection of products, and this time around, it is a flavor for its long-running amino supplement Core ABC.

Fans of Core Nutritionals will already know if there is one thing the brand is not short on, it’s flavors for Core ABC. It is probably the Core product with the most tastes to choose from, well over ten available, and now it has one more by way of the citrus recipe Blood Orange. As per usual, the brand is celebrating the launch of its latest with a sale, where you can get two tubs of Core ABC at $44.50 each, one of which needs to be the new Blood Orange.