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Bombbar puts a thin formula in its concentrated liquid formula Isotonic

Bombbar Isotonic

Two-time Functional Brand Of The Year Bombbar hasn’t been as busy in 2022 as the last two years, but busier than most nonetheless, and that continues into this week with the launch of the simply named Isotonic. It is a supplement in liquid format, although it is not designed to be drunk on the move, it is a bulk product that you serve out 10ml at a time.

The combination of ingredients Bombbar has packed into Isotonic isn’t anything complex or advanced, with low dosages of common hydration and performance ingredients. Each of the supplement’s many 50 servings per bottle has 100mg of taurine, 50mg of carnitine, another 50mg of beta-alanine, and 50mg of sodium, all in a fruit punch-flavored liquid.

Bombbar directs users to mix a serving with a bottle of water, around 700ml, to basically add flavor to the liquid and provide what few benefits come from those small amounts of taurine, carnitine, and beta-alanine. Not surprisingly, the liquid product is relatively cheap, priced at 890₽ (14.01 USD) for a full-size bottle, and again, in the one fruit punch flavor.