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New and improved Big Casein from Bulk in Japan promises better mixability

Bulk Improved Big Casein

Sports nutrition brand Bulk in Japan has relaunched its casein-based protein powder Big Casein, making a couple of tweaks and changes for a better supplement experience. The main goal of the revamped product appears to be better mixability and an improved, more milkshake-like texture, as mentioned, making for a better overall experience from top to bottom.

Bulk’s refreshed Big Casein protein powder is powered by milk protein, providing 24.3g of protein per serving, alongside half a gram of fat and 1.2g of carbohydrates, making for a lean 106 calories. That nutrition profile is for the supplement’s unflavored option, officially titled Natural, although it does come in two actual flavors, although their macros are not as impressive.

The traditional Chocolate and Vanilla flavors of Bulk’s Big Casein have around 21.5g of protein per serving, 5 to 6g of carbohydrates, under a gram of fat, and 111 to 113 calories. Basically, the flavors have more calories and less protein but the added benefit of a familiar taste. The new and improved protein powder is available directly from Bulk’s website with 1 and 2kg bags for Natural and just a 1kg option for the flavors.