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Functional innovator Chiefs makes a protein-packed vanilla-flavored bun

Chiefs Protein Bakery Vanilla Drive

Switzerland’s functional food company Chiefs has put together several creative high-protein products outside of your typical bar and RTD, although it does have those in its lineup, and they taste amazing. Some of its more intriguing innovations include Protein Muesli, sweet, smooth, and creamy Protein Ice Cream, and protein-packed Stone Oven Pizza.

Clearly, Chiefs is no stranger to unique and interesting protein snacks and treats, and this month that creativity continues with an addition to its Protein Bakery family. Previously the collection consisted of a large, 320g loaf of bread named Crusty Bread. The newest and second-ever entry in the line is much smaller and more on-the-go, introducing Protein Bakery Vanilla Drive.

While Chiefs’ original Crusty Bread is a large loaf of bread, Protein Bakery Vanilla Drive is a pocket-sized 80g bun featuring a Vanilla Drive flavor, which is an option on the men of the brand’s protein RTD and protein pudding. Protein Bakery Vanilla Drive is indeed a soft and fluffy bun with a vanilla taste, and it packs 11g of protein a piece, 26g of carbohydrates, only 3.6g of sugar, a gram of fat, and 170 calories.

The nutrition profile of Chiefs’ Protein Bakery Vanilla Drive bun isn’t as light or lean as a protein bar or even some of the brand’s other protein snack creations, but it’s a better alternative to bread or a traditional bun. The product is available now in Chiefs’ home country of Switzerland, although it is only available in stores, with no one online selling it; the same sort of thing as the Protein Bakery loaf of bread.

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