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Dedicated makes its latest iteration of Unstoppable more cost competitive

Dedicated Nutrition 2022 Unstoppable

Dedicated Nutrition’s highly-anticipated relaunch of its legendary Unstoppable pre-workout has gone down today, with the supplement now available to many European countries and featuring a refreshed formula. The product has definitely undergone some changes in both ingredients and angle, as the reputable brand has taken a more moderate level, mainstream approach.

The 2022 edition of Dedicated Nutrition’s Unstoppable pre-workout is a good amount cheaper than its predecessor, and that is reflected in the formula. A tub of the supplement directly from the brand’s European online store will cost you €29.95, which converts to just under $30 USD, making it much more budget-friendly than past iterations of Unstoppable.

You can see the formula for the all-new Unstoppable in the image below, with its maximum serving packing some respectable dosages, especially for the price. A full scoop of the Dedicated Nutrition pre-workout includes 6g of pure citrulline and 2g of betaine nitrate for pumps, another 2g of regular betaine, electrolytes for hydration, and 4g of the reliable performance supporting beta-alanine.

Dedicated Nutrition 2022 Unstoppable Label

The rest of the ingredients in the products are there to drive the energy and focus side of Dedicated Nutrition’s Unstoppable. There is half a gram of tyrosine, a potent 400mg of caffeine, and 400mg of the increasingly popular and proven stimulant Zynamite. The brand tops it all off with the ever-present AstraGin at 60mg a serving to improve and enhance absorption.

Dedicated Nutrition has firmly positioned its reputable Unstoppable as a well-put-together supplement for 2022, featuring a blend of ingredients and dosages competitive for that world of €30 or $30 USD pre-workouts. Again you can grab it now from the brand’s European online store with 30 regular or 15 maximum servings a tub in Rocket Ice, Lemon, Watermelon, and Tropical flavors.