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Dexter Jackson’s extensive brand continues to grow with an ecdysterone product

Dexter Jackson Signature Series Ecdysterone

Around this time last year, legendary bodybuilder and the 2008 Mr. Olympia champion Dexter Jackson released his own line of supplements named Dexter Jackson Signature Series. The brand started with an impressive and never-before-seen amount of products at a total of 14, topping the previous biggest selection at launch from Redcon1, which hit the market with 13.

This week Dexter Jackson Signature Series continues to build on its lineup, something it has been doing gradually over the past 12 months, introducing the likes of the comprehensive amino cocktail EAA+BCAA. The latest from the now retired bodybuilder Dextron Jackson and his brand Beta-Ecdysterone, and it is precisely that, a standalone ecdysterone supplement.

A typical dose of ecdysterone, or at least the common amount in sports nutrition products, is half a gram a serving, although we don’t know what is in the Dexter Jackson Signature Series’ competitor. The supplement has a reasonably large serving size of three capsules, so it has plenty of room for a respectable dose which is the type of formulation we’ve come to expect from the brand.