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France’s EAFit releases a gummy version of Booster Shot with much lower dosages

Eafit Booster Gummies

Mainstream French nutrition brand EAFit has transformed its already available and well-known energizing Booster Shot into another convenient but different format. Going alongside Booster Shot, EAFit has released Booster Gummies, which carry over many of the same main ingredients as the drinkable shot to increase and enhance energy and focus where ever you need it.

It is worth mentioning that while EAFit’s Booster Gummies do have many of the same components as Booster Shot, their dosages are very different. The formula behind the edible spin-off includes a blend of B vitamins, 95mg of taurine, way down from 610mg, 48.5mg of choline instead of half a gram in Booster Shot, and a light 30mg of caffeine, while the shot has 80mg.

Basically, Booster Gummies is a fun spin-off of EAFit’s already available Booster Shot, but again, don’t expect the same uplifting experience with that simpler combination of ingredients. The gummy format supplement is out now in the brand’s home country of France in bottles of 30 gummies, which is 15 servings, as you need two gummies to get those amounts mentioned.