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Gaming brand Rogue Energy shares the first look at its drink arriving in November

Rogue Energy Drink

A few weeks ago, Rogue Energy, a gaming supplement company with several flavors available for its flagship product, teased its entry into the impossibly competitive energy drink space. This is a move we’ve seen many other brands from gaming make, including the likes of Sneak, ADVANCEDgg, Big Game Energy, LevlUp to some extent, and of course, the giant G Fuel.

Rogue Energy is not planning to launch its energy drink competitor until sometime in November, but to keep the hype and momentum going into that debut, it has shared the first look at its beverage. You can see what the Rogue Energy drink will look like in the image above, with a preview of its first three intriguing flavors in Tropical Breeze, Strawberry Burst, and Cotton Candy.

We don’t know too much about the active ingredients in the Rogue Energy drink, only that it’ll be relying on natural caffeine for its energizing experience, with unfortunately no mention yet of how much. It is worth noting the brand’s flagship gaming supplement has 175mg of caffeine, which certainly may not be the amount in the drink, but it is a good indicator.

A few last little details we have for the upcoming Rogue Energy drink are that it will be pretty clean with zero sugar, a highlight of the brand’s supplement, and it’ll be in a standard 16oz can. As more information comes in, we’ll be sure to share it, although for now, the wait is on until November, when we’ll be getting the official launch and availability of the product.