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Fokken Nuts is bringing back all three of its Christmassy peanut butters from last year

Fokken Nuts Holiday Flavors

It was around this time last year Brandon Fokken’s tasty nut butter brand Fokken Nuts released four special edition flavors of its signature peanut butter for the winter season, then followed that up with three Christmas-themed flavors. The list of products for the holidays included the classic Christmas treat, Gingerbread Cookie, the chocolate and mint recipe Andy’s Mint, and lastly, Sugar Cookie.

Not surprisingly, Brandon Fokken and Fokken Nuts are doing it all again this year, announcing they are bringing back all of those Christmas edition flavors of peanut butter from 2021. Gingerbread Cookie, Andy’s Mint, and Sugar Cookie are each making a return a year later for the season of giving in 2022. Fokken Nuts hasn’t set an exact date for their comeback, only that they are going to be available again.